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See the extravagance of an era gone by. The Midnight Star, with etched glass, hand-rubbed wood, and polished brass, reflects the opulence of Deadwood during the turn of the century.

Try your luck at one of our great selection of slot machines, or try your hand at Black Jack or Three Card Poker. Enjoy watching your favorite games at our Sports Bar. And if your taste buds need tantalizing, join us upstairs at Diamond Lil's! 

A world of experiences await at the Midnight Star.

The Midnight Star

A gaming emporium and restaruant located in Historic downtown Deadwood.

Midnight Star Building Rises Again

Before the Midnight Star Gaming Emporium became the "Highlight of Deadwood." it was better known to the local historians as the 1879 Phoenix Block Building. And, like the legend of the Phoenix, this grand three story structure rose from the ashes to become one of Deadwood's most impressive buildings!

When Kevin Coster first visited Deadwood, the building only had two stories. However, records show that the building originally stood three stories high. After a devastating fire destroyed most of Main Street in 1879, the new Phoenix building became one of Deadwood's first brick buildings. Even back then this was a remarkable place.

For nearly 105 years, the bottom floor was home to the New York Store, a fine-clothing establishment. However, the third floor had been removed in the 1950's or early 1960's. When Costner discovered some old photos of Deadwood's Main Street and the original Phoenix Building, he decided to renovate the entire building, including the third floor.

Our intention was to do everything historically correct, no matter how long it took. Judging by the people's response, we think we've succeeded. The third floor is now home to our fine dining space for receptions, parties, and socials which features a ninty-six square foot skylight, making this a glamourous tribute to the aspects of Deadwood's history.

Shortly after the turn of the century, Deadwood was a thriving, affluent city in the Black Hills ... and anticipated destination point for travelers just like it is today!

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